Be KISSED my Friend

One aspect of choosing a vegan lifestyle can easily be overlooked if you don’t pay uttermost attention to the products you use everyday.

I am talking about beauty products! I had my eye on the products from BE MY for a quite while but in all honesty I still have tonnes of old ones and the products seemed a bit pricey.

So on sale I picked up the BE lotion MY FRIEND and the BE kissed MY FRIEND.
I have a quite sensitive skin I can’t use every brand because my skin gets red and itchy very fast after applying the product.
So I was curious how my skin would react to this brand – I used the product regularly for one week to write a mini-review.

The lotion

The lotion is sold in 2 sizes, 100 and 300 ml. I picked up the biggest bottle because I go trough a lot of lotion in summer trying not to look ashy. The product is a bit watery – but not in a bad sense. It makes my skin feel moisturized without leaving that fatty filter that a body butter often does. The smell is so amazing. I won’t describe it has a bit of a flower smell, not overpowering but a nice subtle smell.


The lip balm

The lip balm reminds me of vaseline with lemon essence in the mix. However this is the first lip balm I am planning on not losing !
The balm itself really moisturizes my lips without leaving them shiny.
My often chapped lips looked really healthy after just using this product a few times – I now use it as a base before I use liquid lipstick and it makes the product work even better on my lips.


Overal, the products I used were very customer friendly.  They are a bit pricey but still… totally worth it.
Another important aspect is that even tough the leaping bunny sign is not showcased the site or.
The products I bought have ingredients on them and clearly say VEGAN – the sites also states that every product they make is vegan friendly.


Check the site out here.
Prefer a mortar-and-brick-store – here.



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