Closet confessions #1


Confesion, I have a huge wardrobe. And with huge I do not mean one Ikea dresser full of fashion.
I have 1/3 of a walk-in closet and it still looks like it could explode any second.
It did not get this big over the course of a few weeks or years. I have been collecting / buying / thrifting stuff for years and years.

I hate throwing valuable things away, but I love buying new things. I have a lot of closet space but even more clothing and it is making me feel exhausted. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to purge my closet but kept pushing that moment back.

But the moment is here! I planned out a whole week before going on vacation to purge / declutter / donate my closet.

I made up some simple rules for me that also might help you clean out your closet.

  1. Does it still fit?
    Weight lost or gain also means that your clothing might be too big or too small.
    There is nothing more frustating than keeping that one skinny jeans that you might have fit in too 6 months ago.
    Just let it go……
  2. Does this item still suit your style?
    Ask yourself honestly: Do I still love wearing this item?
    Does it make you happy? If no just throw it out! It is just taking up closet space.
    It is not only closet space that is being invaded, but these things also a take a space in your mind.
    A clean closet will lead to a well rested mind – no I am not joking.
  3. Will you wear it soon?
    Oke we all have a few pieces that we are keeping that have sentimental value, I get it.
    But I bet true fashionhorders (ehehm) might have 10+ shirts stored away that we might wear when it is fashionable again.
    For me now this is a huge no no. If I know that I won’t be wearing it in the next 6 months, it has got to go..



Why? CLOSET SPACE! I believe that having fewer items that I love is more important that having an overflowing closet.
I’ll tell more about my closet transformation later on.
I am seriously cuting pieces at the moment that I don’t need or don’t want.
Since textile is something that is causing a lott of socio-economic problems and envoirment I am not just throwing it out.

In a next few blogpost I am telling you how I ”recycle” my chlothing. Stay tuned!

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