About me

Surienna Bergland,

A 20-something ambitious Dutchie with Caribbean roots. I have a huge passion for fashion, food and
what-not. I like exploring new things and trying out everything hip and trendy at the vegan scene.
Ever since 2016 I have been pursuing a more eco-friendly and animal cruelty-free lifestyle.

There have been a few bumps but nothing I couldn’t overcome. Going vegan was one of the best things I
did, and I want to get you as expected as I am. With this new territory comes a whole new
lifestyle and I would love to share this great experience with others.

My blog will be a lovely chaotic mix of fashion, make-up, food and lifestyle. Of course everything will
be vegan / plant based. I am not perfect, so I might use something that is not vegan. If so I will not
be promoting that. Yes I will keep wearing my old non-vegan shoes, but they will not end up this blog.